Nintendo opened it’s direct event with a massive showing from Star Fox Wii U.

Nitnendo’s direct event started with a bang, announcing that the long-awaited Star Fox Wii U title will be in our hands this year. The new game will be called Star Fox: Zero, and will have a whole bunch of cool Wii U-gamepad specific features.

For example, the entire game will use two screens at once the whole time. The gamepad will feature a first person “cockpit” view while the TV will have your more open cinematic views.

Fox’s iconic ship will be able to transform into some kind of chicken-walker to battle on the ground, as well as a kind of helicopter for more precise air movement. There’s also a kind of drone that can be deployed, and using the Wii U’s gamepad as a camera, explore areas that are usually inaccessible.

The game looks fantastic on the Wii U, taking advantage of its advanced graphics, and will release exclusively for the console in “Holiday, 2015”.

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