Star Wars: Episode VII‘s X-Wing Revealed – Update


J.J. Abrams has release a new video for the Force for Change charity campaign featuring a reveal that’ll have your fan face locked in a smiling position.

Update: Additional info would seem to confirm that this is in fact the X-Wing. The Star Wars Facebook page, directing fans to the new video and Force for Change Omaze page, used “XWingUnveiled” in its link. A screen grab has been posted at the bottom of the article.

I’m going to go on record as saying that the X-Wing is the coolest spaceship ever imagined by the minds of men. The Enterprise? It doesn’t hold a candle to it. The Serenity? Close but no space-gar (see what I did there?). Granted, others might have different opinions on the matter, but as far as I’m concerned there’s nothing better than the idea of strapping myself into Incom’s finest fighter, locking my S-foils in attack position and jetting out into the stars to take down a Death Star or two.

In turn, you can perhaps understand my excitement over a video recently released by J.J. Abrams and the crew currently making Star Wars: Episode VII. The video, which is an advertisement for the Force for Change charity, begins with a closeup of the bespectacled director standing next to what looks like the side of a wonderfully beaten up and weathered starship. At the ten second mark the camera starts to zoom out, quickly revealing a new version of the X-Wing.

We have, of course, seen hints of this model in previously leaked photos from the production. That being the case, it was nowhere nearly as complete as it is in this video where an orange suited pilot is actually able to climb into the cockpit, which boasts a working canopy. The new model itself looks very much like the one from the original trilogy with some nifty streamlining that should do the trick of triggering fans’ nostalgia while still looking like 30 years have passed since Return of the Jedi. All in all, it’s a nice design that got me giddy in exactly the way I’m hoping these new films will. Give the video a watch, let us know what you think and then, while you’re at it, toss a few dollars at Force for Change. You never know, maybe if we all donate enough they’ll show us an A-Wing next time.

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