The excitement for the new Star Wars MMO has taken EA by surprise.

The upcoming Star Wars MMO, The Old Republic is proving to be the most pre-ordered game in EA’s portfolio. EA’s Frank Gibeau says that the game is doing even better than the publisher expected, and adds that it was outstripping other greatly anticipated titles.

“It’s the largest number we’ve done at EA in comparison to other titles,” Gibeau told investors. “The next closest title is Battlefield 3, and it was up significantly from there.” The pre-order details for The Old Republic were revealed last week. There are three different editions available: the standard, the digital deluxe and the collector’s edition. The standard edition costs $60, the digital deluxe version, which is only available on EA’s Origin service, costs $80, and the collector’s edition costs $150.

Pre-ordering any of version grants early access to the game, as well as a “color stone,” which lets players change the color of their lightsaber and blaster bolts. Pre-ordering the digital deluxe or the collector’s edition will also grant access to in-game items, such as a training droid and a small speeder. Finally, shelling out for the collector’s edition yields a number of real-world goodies, like a statuette and a music CD, as well as even more in-game bonuses.

Gibeau also touched upon the game’s closed beta, which he said had thousands of players and was proving very fruitful. “We’re learning a lot of great things,” he said, “and getting a lot of great telemetry that’s improving the game on every new release.”

No release date has been announced for The Old Republic as yet.

Source: CVG

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