The adorable animated YouTube series StarCrafts is getting a mod to bring its 2D world into StarCraft II.

The adorable 2D zerglings and exasperated zealots of CarBot Animation’s animated series StarCrafts may soon be under your control. A StarCraft II mod that brings the animated characters into the game is under development, and CarBot Animations has released a preview of the work completed so far. Idle zerglings groom themselves, zealots on hold position look suitably enraged, and the even the marines’ death animations are charming. Units will also have animations for dances and cheers. The preview video also introduces some of the buildings that have been implemented in the mod, like the Terran barracks and Protoss pylons.

StarCrafts is CarBot Animations‘ longest running series. CarBot has also produced videos for several other Blizzard games, including Heroes of the Storm and Diablo III. In March 2014, CarBot launched a new series of animated shorts based on World of WarCraft. The StarCraft II mod was first announced April 11, 2014, along with an announcement that the StarCrafts and Wowcraft animated series would be moving to a biweekly schedule, with new episodes arriving on alternate Saturdays. The scheduling change allowed Johnathan Burton, the animator behind CarBot Animations, enough time to begin working on the mod. Once the first two units and 3 buildings for each race are working, a demo of the mod will be released. CarBot Animations plans to launch a Kickstarter to fund completion of the mod. You can watch development live on the CarBot Animations Twitch channel.

If you’re itching to have your own adorable StarCrafts zergling in plushie form, official CarBot merchandise is available from the Blizzard store. Fans can also support Burton’s work on Patreon.

Source: CarBot Animations

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