You wouldn’t think a song by British vocalist M.I.A. featuring gunshots and taking money would translate to the Protoss in StarCraft II but it kinda works.

The StarCraft II community has come up with some awesome stuff. All the custom maps and minigames created with the in-game editor have been thoroughly enjoyable, but it’s videos like the parody of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby” changed to “Banelings” – featuring the SC2 commentator Husky – that really show dedication. In that same vein comes another parody, this time using the M.I.A. song “Paper Planes,” featuring the Protoss race and the desire to “Psi-storm yer armee.”

As far as video parodies go, “Fly Like Aiur” is oddly catchy. Maybe it’s the vocals by Mallory Peyton that recreates the female British accent in the original song or the weird fade out of “winner” around 40 seconds in that deftly matches up to M.I.A.’s performance. The StarCraft reference are all pretty spot-on too – sometimes Feedback is lame.

Whatever it is, the song’s going to be hard to get out of my head. “All I wanna do … Vortex yer army.”

I guess I’m just a sucker for a British accent.

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