State of Decay‘s Lifeline DLC trades suburbia for city life in the zombie apocalypse.

There are two kinds of action-hero survivors in the zombie apocalypse. One on hand there’s the ordinary civilian who learns to fight because they have to – you saw plenty of those in Undead Labs’ sandbox survival title State of Decay. And on the other hand, there’s the hardened warrior who was kicking ass long before the zombies arrived. If you missed that archetype in State of Decay, you’re in luck: the game’s second DLC expansion, Lifeline, looks to be filled with all the military vs. undead action you could hope for.

Lifeline‘s latest trailer shows off the new characters and environments you’ll see in the DLC. This new adventure gives players control of Greyhound One, a platoon of soldiers tasked with rescuing civilians from the zombie-infested city of Danforth. The city streets are a far cry from the wide-open rural terrain of the original game, and players will have access to military equipment and vehicles that would probably outclass my old loadout of shovels and sedans.

The new locales will lend a fresh perspective to State of Decay‘s sandbox mechanics, though it remains to be seen whether this change will be an improvement. It may come down to personal preference, but the original map’s lack of resources drove a lot of the organic scavenging gameplay that made it such a success. The members of Greyhound One will certainly have new problems to deal with as well, though, so those supply lines might not be as great of a benefit as they first seem.

State of Decay: Lifeline deploys on May 30 for $6.99.

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