Steam Greenlight Holds One Year Anniversary Sale

Steam Greenlight Large Logo

Steam Greenlight is one year old and you know what that means: It’s time for a sale!

It’s been a full year since the Steam Greenlight program went live, according to the good folks at Valve, and while it seems to be going pretty well overall, there’s still a lot left to do.

“Ultimately our goal is to have no bottlenecks at all between developers and consumers,” Valve Big Kahuna Gabe Newell said. “As we move closer to that, launching Greenlight and evolving our backend toolset has helped us increase our publishing throughput, pushing the number of independent titles released in the last twelve months to equal the number of titles published from all other categories combined. We expect that number to grow dramatically as we continue to iterate upon our developer service features and seek more ways to improve Steam’s value to the community.”

But all that backend iterating is going to take awhile, so Valve’s decided to do the next-best thing in the meantime: Steam sale! It’s not the biggest Steam blowout ever but there are some very solid deals in there: Kentucky Route Zero is half-price, DLC Quest is 75 cents and if you dig point-and-click adventures, you absolutely cannot go wrong with Primordia for $3.40. Also on the bargoon block are Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Anodyne, Organ Trail Director’s Cut, DLC Quest, Divekick, Papers Please, Shelter and a pile of others – 50 titles in all.

The Steam Greenlight Anniversary Sale runs until 10 am PDT on September 2. Put your money in the slot at

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