Leisure Suit Larry, Akaneiro, DLC Quest and seven other games have been given the official green light on Steam.

Ten more games have been Greenlit (Greenlighted?) on Steam, bringing the total number of games to make it through the process to almost 60. The latest additions to the list are:

  • Akaneiro: Demon Hunters
  • Asylum
  • DLC Quest
  • Eador: Masters of the Broken World
  • La-Mulana
  • Leisure Suit Larry
  • MaK
  • The Age of Decadence
  • Unepic
  • War For The Overworld

Two software titles, the game design tool articy:draft and the modeling app GroBoto, also made the cut.

While all of these games have been given the official Steam Seal of Approval in one big batch, Valve noted that as always, they’ll be released independently “in the months ahead,” as their development allows. I can’t say that I’ve really been looking forward to anything on the list this time around, although it’s nice to see Leisure Suit Larry make it and Akaneiro, despite its vaguely dodgy-sounding Kickstarter, looks like it could be very cool.

For a full list of Greenlighted (Greenlit?) games, and a much heftier list of potentials awaiting your love, hit up Steam Greenlight.

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