Steam Version of Dead Space 2 Dead in the Water


Planning to grab Dead Space 2 on Steam? You might want to wait a bit until it works.

In case you didn’t hear, Dead Space 2 is coming out today. If you’re looking to pick up the followup to Visceral’s highly-rated space horror title, it’s available on Xbox 360 and PS3, and if PC gaming is more your thing you could always download it from Steam … in theory.

Users on the Steam forums are reporting that their copies of Dead Space 2 won’t properly activate when the serial key is entered. It’s unclear whether this is happening to all copies of the game or just some of them, but either way EA’s serial key generator appears to be seriously borked.

A Valve representative said that the digital distribution giant was aware of the issue and had contacted EA to get it resolved soon.

Man, for all of the convenience of digital distribution, there’s really something to be said for just being able to slip the disc inside your Xbox 360 or PS3 and start right away, huh?

(Via VG247)

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