Hilarious, but let’s be real: Some people cannot grow facial hair effectively.

Stephen Colbert’s guest last night was controversial (and awesome) French economist and polemicist Thomas Piketty, author of Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Capital is a scathing critique of the current economic model favored by the US and EU member nations which, Picketty argues persuasively, has contributed to rising inequality in otherwise wealthy nations. Obviously, Colbert, or more accurately, “Colbert”*, is firmly against this book, and made his solidarity with the billionaires the book criticizes known. Well, actually, he made his solidarity with noted genius billionaire playboy philanthropists known, by growing out a Tony Stark style beard for the interview.

Watch the whole thing, but I do want to single out the crowning moment of hilarity: “Then who’s saving New York from the Chitari? Hawkeye? Yeah, after he gets there on the bus.”

* Just a note for the three of four people left who don’t get that Colbert is only pretending to be an arch right winger.

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