Stick of Truth Trailer Shows You How To Cup A Spell


Gee. Maybe I’ll roll a fighter or something; that looks difficult.

For lo, despite many trials and tribulations, including THQ’s downfall, South Park: The Stick of Truth is almost here. For those aspiring casters out there who want to know how to cup a spell, Cartman has some helpful advice. Take it away, maestro!

Ubisoft’s now the proud owner of this masterpiece. It was scheduled for a December 10th release, but you may have noticed it hasn’t happened. Ubisoft pushed it back to March 2014, after it realized there was a lot more work to do than it had envisaged when it bought it from THQ.

“It’s been such a major overhaul to get to the point where we are that we couldn’t let it go, even if that meant missing December,” said Ubisoft’s Laurent Detoc, back in October.

But take heart: at least now you know how to smack down your enemies from afar! This vital knowledge could save your ass, when Stick of Truth finally launches on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: IGN YouTube

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