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Stolen Pixels #149: Approval Ratings




BioWare is always careful to make sure they give us a hateful venomous bitch to accompany us on our world-saving adventures. Morrigan is our companion Shrew in Dragon Age, and you can count on her to want to save the murderers, punish the innocent, strengthen the oppressors, and kick the beggars. And if you fail to do these things she will let you know what an unworthy sap you are, right to your face.

Like all companions, she will grow to like you or hate you based on how often you do what she wants. She supposedly follows an anarchic “survival of the fittest” worldview, although she really doesn’t. When a splinter group of mages go rogue and cause trouble, she supports killing all mages on both sides, including the young and innocent. But, mages are powerful. Shouldn’t she side with one of the mage factions? The logic she uses to come to the “kill everyone” conclusion is more more twisted than a sack of Christmas lights and barbed wire.

This is because she doesn’t actually care about survival of the fittest or anything like that. Her actual drive is just a desire to go through life and grief people for amusement or profit. She’s a griefer, and enjoys seeing people unhappy.

On the other hand, her outfit lets you see the sides of her boobs. So she has that going for her.

I still left her crazy ass at camp for most of the game.

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