[folder_nav]The Extra Credits guys have already explained why the Dead Space 2 “Your mom hates this” campaign was a stupid, irresponsible idea. So did I.

As a fan of scary games (or games that aspire to be scary) I have to say I find Dead Space 2 kind of odd. There are these flashes of brilliance mixed in with face-slapping stupidity. The combat is so mechanical that there’s no sense of mystery or suspense. Enter room. Shoot monsters. Wait for intense music to stop. Go back to what you were doing. After a while it’s just routine. It’s not just NOT scary, it’s actually boring.

I would write it off as a dumb game, but near the end the creators started learning the value of restraint and suspense. There were sections of NOT combat, which means there were sections where you couldn’t tell if combat was coming or not.

Visceral Games: Nice try. Fun little game. But if you think this is scary then playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent would probably kill you.

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