Stranded: Alien Dawn planet survival sim Steam Early Access October 2022 release date Foundry Frontier Haemimont Games

Frontier Foundry and developer Haemimont Games have announced planet survival sim Stranded: Alien Dawn, launching in Steam Early Access this October. Haemimont previously developed the sci-fi city builder Surviving Mars, so it certainly has experience in this area. Stranded is about keeping a small, diverse group of marooned survivors alive while dealing with “mysterious illnesses, extreme weather, and alien wildlife attacks.”

Gameplay will involve the usual resource management, research, and crafting with modular base construction and a variety of “beautiful yet deadly” environments. You will begin with just a few essentials and have the freedom to decide how you want to build out your new home, whether into a “sprawling haven or a fortified compound.” Frontier Foundry and Haemimont Games really stress how important individual player choices will be in keeping your crew alive:

While shelter and security are crucial for success, caring for each member of the group is critical for long-term survival. Take advantage of their individual strengths, weaknesses, and traits to help survivors unite, adapt and overcome unprecedented circumstances. Craft weapons, hunt, forage and grow food, develop medicines, and keep the group entertained, to ensure their physical and mental wellbeing on a far-flung planet.

In Stranded: Alien Dawn players must make difficult choices to shape the story of their survivors, balancing short and long-term outcomes with risk and reward. Creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation are key to ensuring survivors will live to see another sunrise in this unforgiving alien world.

Watch out for Stranded: Alien Dawn on Steam Early Access this October.

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