On November 26, the long, hard road to high definition comes to a close.

Those sly dogs at Capcom slipped the release date for their HD upgrade to Super Street Fighter II Turbo under the guise of a press release intended to promote its new online storefront within the Xbox 360’s new dashboard. The release date, November 26, was placed in a screenshot of its newly dedicated section in the Xbox Live Marketplace and has been confirmed by Capcom.

Originally announced in April 2007, Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix takes what is arguably the most respected 2-D fighter of all time, Super Street Fighter II Turbo, and gives it a massive facelift under the hand of the comic masterminds at Udon. Though it was released 14 years ago, Super Turbo is still one of the most popular games amongst the competitive fighting community and it was this scene that Capcom looked to in order to tweak and rebalance the game, as detailed in designer David Sirlin’s expansive series of changes.

While HD Remix was originally intended to see release in 2007, the game suffered a number of setbacks, mostly stemming from the art department. As what Capcom referred to as a “necessary part of development,” it relied on an outsourcing firm to reproduce Udon’s art. It turns out it had set the bar too high and production fell drastically behind schedule, leaving Capcom and Udon to redo the art for the game and find a new company to outsource the art, essentially rebooting the project.

After a successful beta test earlier this year, Capcom looks to finally have this surprisingly massive project under control as Street Fighter II HD Remix is set for release next week for both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network (albeit, November 25), though the price still remains a mystery.

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