Street Fighter IV Phone Straps Awesomely Impractical


Do you ever get sudden urges to play Street Fighter while out and about? Where your fingers start twitching to throw Hadokens? Well, with these Street Fighter IV arcade stick phone straps, now you can!

Japanese retailer StrapYa has begun accepting pre-orders for what may well be the most awesome cell-phone accessory we’ve ever seen here at The Escapist: the official Street Fighter IV arcade stick phone strap.

It’s literally a miniature SF4-branded joystick that straps onto your mobile device of choice, and that’s cool enough, but the awesome doesn’t stop there: The straps come in four flavors – Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Dhalsim – and inputting moves on the stick will play back sound clips from the game. Down-forward-punch on the Ryu and Ken sticks will play back their famous “Hadoken!” shouts, forward-down-back-punch on Dhalsim gets you a “Yoga Flame!” and down-up-kick for Chun-Li executes her “Spinning Bird Kick!”

It’s hard to tell from the picture on the site, though, but this arcade stick accessory seems a bit bigger than most, doesn’t it? It might be impractical to walk around with in your pocket. Even so, the idea of being able to sit on the bus and imagine you’re Shoryuken-ing the guy next to you who keeps nodding off on your shoulder is just too awesome to pass up.

These strap accessories will be limited to 1,000 each, and will be sold for approximately $13. If you’re going to the Tokyo Game Show, and want to practice your SF4 specials on the go, then make sure you get yours fast!

(Via Joystiq)

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