Street Fighter KOs Wii Fit


Street fighting seems to be all the rage these days: Shipping two million copies in its first week on shelves, Street Fighter IV managed to break Wii Fit‘s five-week stranglehold on UK sales charts.

There’s plenty of reasons for the folks at Capcom to be in good spirits these days, not least of which is their announcement that Street Fighter IV – the first entry in the classic series in over a decade – has shipped two million units globally in its first week. Approximately 86,000 of those were in its home country of Japan, where the title boosted PS3 and Xbox 360 sales – though was edged out by the newest Mario & Luigi DS game.

SF4 was not to be stopped on the other end of Eurasia, though – UK research company Chart Track announced that the title had topped the all-platforms sales charts for last week, dethroning reigning champion Wii Fit. As Edge’s Kris Graft points out, this marks a three-year streak for Capcom having a number one release in February: Lost Planet in 2007, followed by Devil May Cry 4 and now Street Fighter.

Yessir, there are quite a few people playing Street Fighter IV. Judging from Xbox Live this past weekend, at least 90% of them are playing Ken or Ryu. Gotta go with what you know, I guess. Oh well, just makes it easier to kick their asses with Sagat or Sakura.

(Via CVG and Edge)

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