Street Fighter: The Poetry Anthology


Lightning kicking and dragon punching is all well and good, but occasionally you want to add a little bit of culture to the proceedings.

” I think that I shall never see
A fighter lovely as Chun-Li.

A girl who hovers upside-down
Her legs, outstretched, a-spinning ’round.”

There we have the opening two stanzas of ‘Chun Li’, and ode to the much-loved fighter based on the classic poem ‘Trees’ by Joyce Kilmer. Created by the Think Tank over at Over Thinking It – where you can read the poem in its entirity – ‘Chun Li’ is joined by ‘The Tyger Uppercut’, ‘Carrion Console’ and a few others, all based on classic poems.

Adapting a poem to be Street Fighter themed is harder than it looks, as my efforts to write ‘Shadowlaw’, based on the Edger Allen Poe poem, the Raven, attests to. If you think you’re up to challenge, go ahead, and let’s see if we can’t get a real anthology going. Here’s some classic poems to get you started.

Source: Official Capcom Blog

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