High Rock Publishing is trying to raise 20,000 dollars to release a new version of the RPG classic Strike Force.

Originally released in 1988, Aaron Allston’s Strike Force was an extensive guide aimed at giving dungeon masters the tools they needed to run a role-playing campaign grounded in the genre of comic book superheroes. Calling it a hit would be an understatement. Well-loved by gamers all over the world, Strike Force became one of tabletop role-playing’s essential classics. Sadly, the intervening years have seen the book become rarer and harder to find. It’s a sad fact that the folks at High Rock Publishing hope to rectify.

Earlier this week, High Rock launched a Kickstarter campaign aimed at funding a new, updated edition of the superhero role-playing classic. The new edition will “build on [the] success” of the original with new writing, new artwork and “advice from superhero RPG guru Steve Kenson.” The campaign is asking for 20,000 dollars to fund “the costs for artwork, graphic design, promotional materials, and assorted miscellaneous fees.” High Rock plans to release the book primarily as a digital PDF with “a limited print run.” Backers can contribute 50 dollars to land one of the physical copies.

As of the publication of this news story, Strike Force has 25 days left in its campaign and is just a few hundred dollars shy of reaching its goal. That being the case, we feel pretty safe in pegging this one as a success just waiting to happen. Check it out for yourself and maybe chip in a few dollars if you’re feeling generous.
Source: Kickstarter

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