Top Shelf has partnered web comic creators Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag to distribute a print version of Strong Female Protagonist.

Popular web comic Strong Female Protagonist has partnered with Top Shelf to distribute its print run. Creators Molly Ostertag and Brennan Lee Mulligan raised over $60,000 on Kickstarter in June to print a collection of the first four chapters of the web comic, and now Top Shelf has announced it will act as distributor for the self-published collection. The 220-page print version will include bonus material and four new chapter title illustrations. The comic is largely black and white, with some full color artwork. The collection will ship in December 2014, and is currently available for pre-order for $19.99.

Strong Female Protagonist follows Alison Green, an invulnerable and super-strong crime fighter who went by the name Mega Girl, until she decided to move on from her teenaged crime fighting and go to college. Written by Mulligan and drawn by Ostertag, Strong Female Protagonist explores social injustices as Green tries to make difference beyond just punching supervillains. The web comic has been running online since 2012, and this print edition is the first collection of the comic to be published. Strong Female Protagonist is currently on chapter 5.

If you’re a fan of comics that explore the morality of superheroes and the impact that superheroics would have on our world, like Mark Waid‘s Irredeemable or even Kelly Sue DeConnick’s latest run on Captain Marvel, you may enjoy Strong Female Protagonist. You can check out the whole archive online.

Source: Top Shelf

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