As if we needed more reasons to be terrified of the ocean…

Unknown World’s Subnautica preys on our fear of the deep, dark ocean, and its latest update, Dangerous Creatures introduces even more terrifying deep sea monsters. Check out the video to the right and the official site for the full patch notes.

Essentially, this update adds two new creatures: the Sea Dragon Leviathan and the Warper, tweaks and adds variants of a couple of existing creatures: the Ray and the Crabsquid, and adds two new zones while it’s at it: the tree cove and the final abandoned base. The Sea Dragon in particular is absolutely horrifying, and I hope I never run into one while playing.

Subnautica was first released on Steam back in 2014 as an early access title, and has been slowly receiving updates since. The developers have been very transparent on the whole process, and its definetely worth checking out.

Subnautica has been featured on The Escapist stream in the past, and I will endeavor to stream gameplay from the new update in the very near future, so stay tuned!

Source: Unknown Worlds

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