The Professor Layton folks have taken Suda51’s shooter mobile.

Suda51 fans have something new for their iPads and iPhones, as his Liberation Maiden, part of the Guild01 compilation, has come to iTunes. This is courtesy of Level 5, the people better known for Professor Layton, and they couldn’t be happier about taking Liberation Maiden mobile.

Liberation Maiden for iOS redefines what a mobile game can do with the quality design, story and gameplay normally only available to console gamers,” says Level 5 CEO Akihiro Hino. Certainly the visuals look pretty fun, and the price isn’t crazy. It sells at US$5.99, or €5.49, and it’s available in North America and Europe now.

“What New Japan needs now is a president with an intense desire for justice to be served with the ability to rally the younger generation, ” says Suda51 of his title. “In other words, a pure maiden.” You play as that pure maiden, President Shoko Ozora, daughter of a murdered president, fighting to save her nation from tyrannical energy thieves. Previously this was part of a 3DS compilation, and it later came out as a solo 3DS title. Judging by the video, Level 5’s done its best to fulfill its goal, of taking AAA production values to the iOS store.

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