Welcome would-be intellectuals and info junkies! Here is the moment you have been waiting for…a quiz that will test your knowledge and stretch your brain to its max capacity. We like to call it the Epic Quiz!

The Summary

From August 17th until August 28th at 12:00PM EDT, you will have the chance to enter into the Epic Quiz by trying to answer questions correctly within 6 different categories: Gaming, Movies, TV, Current Events, Miscellaneous and The Escapist.

The Rules

You must be a member of The Escapist to participate. If you aren’t already, please sign up HERE

You have from August 17th until August 28th at 5:00PM EDT to answer all the questions in each category correctly. Once you do so, you will be granted a limited edition badge!

Quiz Layout

You will have 6 categories to choose from:

You will have 10 minutes to answer 25 questions (one quiz is actually 5 minutes but still 25 questions). Feel free to take the quiz as many times as you want!

After you have taken the quiz, you will be able to see which questions you have gotten wrong. There will also be a forum thread open where people can ask for help on questions and community members will be allowed to give “hints” to the answers.

Please note, if anyone is caught giving out answers via any forum thread, private message, user group or other, your account will be banned permanently from the site.

The Prize

A shining new badge! These quizzes are not easy, so those of you that can get 100% correct on every quiz deserve this limited edition badge.

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