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Read Article Unreal Editor for Fortnite Beta Launches to Create High-End Custom Fortnite Worlds
Epic Games has launched Unreal Editor for Fortnite (UEFN) in public beta to create player-generated custom worlds with Verse language.
Read Article Shockwave Hammer Removed from Fortnite Due to Exploit
Shockwave Hammer Removed from Fortnite Due to Exploit
Read Article Gears of War 4 Locust Could Have Had Winged & Underwater Variations
Cliff Bleszinski has revealed his unused concepts for the Locusts in Gears of War 4, including winged and underwater versions.
Read Article The Fortnite Dragon Ball Collaboration Is as Crazy as You Expected
Gameplay trailer: Epic Games reveals the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Super collaboration characters (Goku with guns), items, events, & emotes Beerus Vegeta Bulma
Read Article Epic Games Acquires Rock Band Dev Harmonix to Create Musical Gameplay for Fortnite
Epic Games, Epic, Harmonix, Rock Band, Fuser, buy, purchase, acquire, Fortnite, music
Read Article Eyes Out Interview: NIN & Spec Ops Talent on Making a ‘Music-Forward’ Cosmic Horror Franchise
Eyes Out interview NIN Nine Inch Nails guitarist Robin Finck Cory Davis Spec Ops: The Line director music-forward audio-based cosmic horror franchise with Epic Games Publishing partnership via MegaGrant
Read Article Epic Games Publishing Strikes Partnership Deal with Indie Devs Eyes Out & Spry Fox
Spry Fox, Eyes Out, Epic Games Publishing, Epic Games, MMO, concept art
Read Article Why Epic Games Lost to Apple in Court: Three Root Causes
three root causes why epic games lost court battle lawsuit to Apple loss failure
Read Article Alan Wake Remastered Launches on PlayStation, Xbox, & PC in Fall 2021
Alan Wake, Remastered, Alan Wake Remastered, Remedy Entertainment, 4K, PS4, consoles, Xbox, PC, Epic Games, DLC, expansions, The Writer, The Signal, Sam Lake, The Sudden Stop, release date
Read Article Epic Games v. Apple Trial Breakdown: Technical Blunders, Salacious Content, & Revealing Documents
Epic Games v. Apple Epic Games Store iPhone App Store trial case breakdown


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Read Article The Fortnite Dragon Ball Collaboration Is as Crazy as You Expected
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