Super Mario Bros. Reinvented and Stylish


The world’s most famous plumbers get new, stylish reinterpretations in these 45 awesome pieces of fanart.

Despite not having a single artistic bone in my body, I think fan art is a really, really cool idea. Oh sure, for every awesome artist on sites like LiveJournal and deviantART, you’ve got three people posting scribbles of their Kingdom Hearts x Sonic the Hedgehog x LOST crossover furry self-insert, but that’s a risk we all have to take.

And what better subject for a video-game-enthusiast fanartist than one of the most popular company mascots of all time (and his slightly less popular brother)? The Design Inspiration has 45 of the coolest Super Mario Bros. interpretations I’ve seen anywhere on the Internet, all by some very talented artists.

You’ve got the gritty realism, the awesome action shot, the classical cartoon, and a bunch more. I’m actually having a hard time choosing a favorite, but I think I’m leaning towards this one. It’s just so happy.

(Via Kotaku)

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