An upcoming section in Super Mario Galaxy 2 will look very, very familiar to anyone who loved the classic Super Mario 64.

The first Super Mario Galaxy was – and is – one of my favorite Mario games of all time, but you can’t say that the series isn’t filled with classics, because it is. Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World are some of the best games ever made, as is Mario’s first jump to 3D in Super Mario 64.

Now, I played the hell out of Mario 64. So when I watched the video you see above, my inner ten-year-old went into paroxysms of absolute nostalgic glee. This is Whomp’s Fortress, only with Star Bits to collect instead of coins. Everything else is in the exact same positions you remember – it even has the 1UP at the top of the flagpole!

Is this the only Mario 64 area in the game? Will we see an entire galaxy made of retro levels? Would that be awesome? (Yes, yes it would).

The game is out here in North America this Sunday, May 23rd. Want to find out whether or not it’s any good? Our verdict goes up tomorrow morning – be there, or be a loser.

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