If Bowser ever had to mount a propaganda campaign against the Mario brothers, this is how he’d do it.

It wasn’t a cakewalk for Bowser to recruit soldiers for the Koopa Troop. Trying to convince turtles to go after a flying, butt-stomping, fire-wielding plumber by walking straight at him on the ground is not an easy task. No, to convince an army to go up against an obviously far more powerful foe, Bowser had to wage a war of propaganda. Probably.

Fro Design claims it created these propaganda posters that aim to bring recruits into the Koopa Troop, but I bet they were just pulled off of walls and poles somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom. After seeing the set of four, how could you not want to join up?

One depicts a cruel-looking version of Mario as he reaches his hand toward the land depicted in Super Mario World, as if to crush it between his fingers. Another shows Bowser in all his Koopa Clown Car glory nobly leading the Koopa Troop. The others aim to reduce the number of power-ups for Mario to find, and to encourage Koopa Troopas to fight even through death, as a Boo.

So find your local recruiting office today, and follow your leader’s clown-faced hovercraft into battle. You won’t regret it, until you actually see Mario and he takes you down just by jumping, best case scenario.

Source: Fro Design

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