SPG64 is creating Super Mario Starshine, a mod that recreates Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario Galaxy 2 with the gameplay of the latter.

The talented team of developers at SPG64 is busy at work creating Super Mario Starshine, a mod that recreates most of Super Mario Sunshine in Super Mario Galaxy 2 using the latter’s mechanics. A trailer updating fans on the team’s progress was released recently, and it’s packed with familiar locations that have been given a new, galactic coat of paint. The team is hoping to launch its final build in summer 2023, but for now, you can check out the remixed Sunshine levels in Super Mario Starshine in the trailer below.

Super Mario Starshine seems to contain fully realized levels and locations that feature new challenges fit for Super Mario Galaxy 2’s controls. That means that Mario’s squeaky backpack friend, FLUDD, has been completely removed from the experience. Instead, some Super Mario Sunshine challenges require Yoshi to be completed, with Mario also fitted with his Luma-powered Star Spin attack and a few Galaxy power-ups. Even the bosses from the original Nintendo GameCube experience have been switched out for Super Mario Galaxy-themed bosses, making this the ultimate mash-up of two of Mario’s most important outings.

Although Super Mario Starshine won’t see a full release until later this year, a demo is available now. It’s a sizeable chunk of the full experience that allows players to collect its first 20 Shine Sprites. More importantly, it lets players explore Super Mario Sunshine’s iconic hub world, Delfino Plaza. In addition to adding a few new areas into the mix, the demo also lets players suit up as Luigi.

A trailer for the Super Mario Starshine demo was released last year, showcasing some Galaxy-ified secret levels and some areas from Bianco Hills. Watch the footage below and then head over to GameBanana to download the demo for yourself.

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