It can walk on its fins, it can fly, and it’s bullet-proof. Yup, Super Shark got the right name.

B-movies are becoming an art form unto themselves, especially with all the goofy send-ups we seem to be getting these days. However, while there have been gems like Sharktopus and Titanic 2, there’s a new contender for the title of “Best Worst Movie.” For your viewing pleasure, I present Super Shark.

Yes, it’s another ridiculous movie based on the Jaws formula, about a giant “prehistoric shark” (I believe they’re called Megalodons) that terrorizes a seaside community during the 4th of July holiday weekend. However, no place is safe from Super Shark, as the trailer shows it sinking an oil rig, leaping into the air and snatching a fighter jet out of the sky, and using its fins to walk on land while it laughs off the bullets soldiers are firing at it. Also, there’s some low-rent DJ doing his best Flavor Flav impression is hosting a “Queen of the Beach”, which provides the opportunity for girls in bikinis to use a parasol to try and fend off the titular shark.

Of coures, this trailer has one moment that stands out above all others. The army rolls (ahem) out a new tank that, for no explicable reason, has legs instead of treads. When the tank can’t hit Super Shark when it fires its cannon, but it makes up for this by kicking the shark in the face.

Super Shark is set to star John Schneider of Smallville-fame and Jimmie Walker (best known as J.J. Evans[/a] on Good Times), as well as a number of C and D-list celebrities. Other details about the movie don’t seem to be forthcoming at the moment, like when it’s actually going to be released on DVD; a quick search on Amazon bears no fruit, either. As soon as it hits store shelves, you can bet that Super Shark will receive top-billing at my next Bad Movie Night.

Source: Undead Backbrain via io9

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