PC Street Fighter IV fans are upset at Capcom for limiting the offline character set to 15 of 39 in the upcoming Arcade Edition release.

In a recent blog update, Capcom detailed the features, requirements and DRM of the PC port. As a response to piracy, the port will require players to be signed into Games for Windows Live to receive full access to the game’s features (similar to Dead Rising 2). However, the remaining gimped offline content is what has upset fans.

When offline, players will have no access to previously downloaded content (DLC, replays), no ability to save progress in challenges or settings and local play will only feature less then half of Arcade Edition‘s cast.

“I’ve been playing Street Fighter IV on PC lately and since online is pretty much dead for North America I’ve been doing training, arcade and trials, which are pretty much the only methods of keeping me entertained,” NeoGAF poster Vidal wrote. “Now in the case that I’m not connected to the internet there’s a chance I won’t even be able to play my main character, save challenges or EVEN USE THE DLC I’VE RIGHTFULLY BOUGHT? This is a fucking dumb idea, Capcom.”

The announcement of Arcade Edition coming to PC is what fans wanted to hear after the console-only Super Street Fighter IV left them out in the cold. While some may be discouraged by Capcom’s anti-piracy measures, the developer spared no expense in carrying over the content and adding graphics options PC fans desire. PC players who missed the SSIV on console will be able to access “14 new characters, new background stages, new replay modes, new spectator modes, bonus stages and a complete character rebalance.”

Of course, that’s assuming you have an internet connection and don’t have anything against Games for Windows Live.

The problem with Capcom’s decision is that it punishes pirates at the cost of punishing customers – depriving them of the content they are paying for. This wouldn’t be so bad if pirates gave up so easily on these things, rather than take them as a challenge. Here’s looking at you Assassin’s Creed 2.

Source: NeoGAF

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