Super There Will Be Blood Parodies 8-Bit Graphics, Paul Thomas Anderson film


A video from Tomfoolery Pictures shows what an 8-bit platformer based on the 2007 film There Will Be Blood would look like.

I don’t think that anyone would have pegged the drama about an oil magnate played by Daniel Day-Lewis and his relationship with his son and a preacher for a tie-in videogame. Although, now that I’ve seen the video produced by Tomfoolery Pictures for the UK mag Empire’s Done in 60 Seconds competition, the final scene does kind of remind me of a boss battle. The mashup of old-school platformer shticks like collecting dollar symbols and slightly animated cutscenes with subtitles with real audio from the film is pretty much the most genius thing that I’ve seen today. Add that to the fact that the video’s title is Super There Will Be Blood and its clear that the creators were fans of both Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie and videogame tie-ins titles of the 90s.

Unfortunately, Super There Will Be Blood didn’t win Empire’s competition to summarize/parody a movie in just one minute. That honor went to the Top Gun parody by Mark Wong and Chris Slaughter.

But honestly, after watching both of them, I think that Tomfoolery Pictures was robbed. Owen and Adam, whoever you are, you rock.

BTW, are you taking requests? The Escapist staff would love to see you tackle Gone With the Wind, 2001 and Citizen Kane. Get on it!

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