So there’s good news and bad news…

Super Time Force, Capy Games’ “Single-Player Co-Op” shooter, is coming to Xbox One via Microsoft’s [email protected] self-publishing program, the developer announced yesterday.

The announcement comes shortly after Microsoft released a list of high-profile [email protected] developers, including Capy. A frequent Microsoft Xbox collaborator, two current Capy projects – Super Time Force and upcoming next-gen title Below are Xbox exclusives. Microsoft Studios will publish Below and the Xbox 360 version of Super Time Force.

At the same time, Capy also announced plans to hold back on releasing Super Time Force until 2014. The Xbox 360 version of the game was previously set to launch on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of the year. According to a post on the Capy Games blog, the developer plans to release both versions simultaneously:

“With these projects [Super Time Force and Below], we’re constantly exploring new ideas, and doing so generally means we need to keep our games in the oven for as long as humanly possible. It’s the nature of the beast, but it’s also core to the personality of our studio. We take our time and we aim for the stars, but that often results in the intervals between our games being longer than we (or our beloved fans) may anticipate.”

While there’s no new release date, Capy says they expect Super Time Force will be ready “a few months into 2014.”

Source: Capy Games

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