Superhero Alphabet Makes Crime Fighting as Easy as ABC


Aquaman leads the charge in a superheroic learning aid that puts your comic book knowledge to the test.

With new villains threatening to take over the world almost daily, superheroes are amazingly busy people. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t find time between punching megalomaniacs in the face to help kids learn the alphabet. Twenty-six of the world’s finest heroes have pitched in to create an alphabetical wall chart that stands justice, truth, and the aforementioned face punching.

The chart is the work of artist Fabian Gonzalez, who has scored characters from cartoons. movies and comics to find a different superhero for every letter of the alphabet. Some of them are immediately recognizable – you’re not going to mistake Superman or Wolverine for anyone else in a hurry – but you’ll have to know your superheroes pretty well to get them all. Gonzalez is clearly quite the buff, as you can tell by some of his other work, such as his collection of 91 minimalist supervillains.

To see the full chart in all its glory, head over to Gonzalez’s flickr page, and if you want a print of the chart, you can buy one here. You can get it in a variety of sizes too, so if you have a wall that desperately needs to be filled with a superhero-themed alphabet, Gonzalez has you covered.

Source: Flickr

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