Superman Wants to Be in Warcraft Movie


Apparently, Superman likes Warcraft. Brandon Routh – who played the Man of Steel in 2006’s Superman Returns – says he’s a huge fan of the series, and would love to be in the upcoming film.

One of the big announcements out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con was the pick of legendary cult horror director Sam Raimi to helm the upcoming film based on Blizzard’s popular Warcraft franchise. Naturally, that news had everyone wondering what role Raimi’s longtime partner-in-crime Bruce Campbell would be playing.

But as it turns out, Campbell wasn’t the only potential Warcraft cast member at Comic-Con. Speaking with MTV, Brandon Roth – at Comic-Con to promote his upcoming films Dead of Night and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – mentioned his love for the Warcraft franchise. Oh, and he was wearing this shirt, too.

Routh expressed admiration for the Blizzard team behind the franchise, as well as great respect for the folks tapped to helm the upcoming film – not just director Raimi, but the production team at Legendary Pictures. When asked if he was hoping to see a call for the Warcraft picture, Routh admitted that he thought getting “a little action… a little swordfighting” would be “a lot of fun.”

Since we already determined that Bruce Campbell might be best suited as a Goblin or Dwarven Rifleman (complete with Boomstick), let’s take a crack at young Mr. Routh here. Routh is best known for his portrayal of Clark “Superman” Kent in 2006’s reboot of the Superman franchise. Though not as well-received as some superhero franchise reboots (see Dark Knight, The), Superman Returns had a generally positive reception.

Routh definitely has the whole “hero” look going on – I mean come on, the guy was Kal-El. He’s a good guy, no questioning that – I’m gonna go ahead and call him as a Paladin, fighting the good fight for Truth, Justice, and the Azerothian Way.

He might not be the Man of Steel anymore, but now he’ll have a bubble-hearth. Same thing, right?

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