Now that the World of Goo “Pay What You Want” anniversary sale is over, the final statistics are rather interesting: The most generous country was Switzerland, while the most stingy was Turkey.

Last week, we learned that 2D Boy, creators of indie smash hit World of Goo, considered their Radiohead-esque “Pay What You Want” anniversary sale a “huge success”. Now that the sale is over, the indie duo has posted the final stats on their site, and it looks like it ended up being even more successful than it had been a week ago.

Interestingly enough, the average donation increased over the duration of the sale, with a large spike coinciding with the first release of the statistics of the sale on Day 8, a fact which 2D Boy attributes to “our publicizing that the most common price point chosen was $0.01 and raising people’s awareness to the fact that we don’t see any money for purchases of $0.30 and under.”

Linux users paid the most for the game on average, while Windows users were the cheapest (with more than a $1.50 difference between the two averages), though Windows users made up 65% of all the downloads while Mac OS and Linux split the difference.

A particularly interesting chart is the breakdown by country, which took the average price of download and normalized it by the country’s per capita GDP to get a “generosity” score. Switzerland was the most generous country with its donations, followed by France, Norway, the Czech Republic and Hungary. On the other end of the spectrum was Turkey as the least generous, with South Korea, Lithuania, Ukraine and Russia bringing up the rear.

Oh, and one particularly generous soul paid a whopping $150 for the game – almost eight times its current market price. Guess he must really like World of Goo.

In any case, it looks like the sale was a massive success for 2D Boy, which is pretty badass because clever indie designers making money off of their work is always a good thing.

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