A California-based swordsmith takes requests for custom-made weapons, often from popular shows, films, and videogames.

The hidden blade is a staple of the assassins in the Assassin’s Creed series. When swordsmith Tony Swatton, founder of Sword & The Stone, took requests for his next project, the response overwhelmingly indicated his viewers wanted Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag protagonist Edward Kenway’s hidden blade and pirate cutlass to become a reality.

In his show Man At Arms, Swatton takes requests for his weekly show where he forges iconic weapons based on requests. Previously he has made Sokka’s meteor sword from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Leona’s zenith blade from League of Legends, the master sword from Legend of Zelda, and many more.

Swatton said the hidden blade “has been by far the most requested build so far.” Swatton began by taking apart a Ubisoft-licensed toy replica of the hidden blade. He goes on to weld the blade, refining the shape and width of the blade, and treat the blade with heat.

“The wrist blade is really, really cool, but I’m really known for doing swords,” Swatton said. “I’ve done thousands of piece for Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander and other pirate movies. For Assassin’s Creed IV, they’re doing everything pirate-related, so I figured I’d make a cutlass.”

Swatton notes the cutlass in Assassin’s Creed IV is similar to the cutlass Elizabeth Swan uses in Pirates of the Caribbean 2.

Once everything is put together, viewers can see the two weapons in action as they slice through fruit, class, and soda cans. Swatton takes requests for his show, and if he hasn’t already made a weapon you want to see, he encourages viewers to post their requests in the comments.

Source: YouTube

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