Syndicate-Inspired Satellite Reign Kickstarter Finishes Big


Satellite Reign developer 5 Lives Studios says the $755,000 stretch goal will likely be achieved through post-Kickstarter PayPal donations.

Satellite Reign achieved its Kickstarter aspirations last week, breezing past its £350,000 ($550,000) goal on July 24, and with roughly four days left on the clock at the time it seemed possible that with a good push at the end, it might make the first one or two of its stretch goals. Fortunately for backers, the Kickstarter finished far better than that, notching a final total of £461,333 ($708,000) and bringing environmental destruction to the game by way of its third stretch goal.

The better news is that the fifth stretch goal, which will add two factions (The Eternals and the Red Mafia) and two new city districts (Industrial and “The Grid”) to the game and bring Russell Zimmerman on board as writer, is also within reach. “At the time of writing the combined Kickstarter and PayPal total was £474,755.50, just over £25,000 short of the fourth stretch goal, which I’m sure we will reach in the coming months via PayPal,” the studio wrote in the latest Kickstarter update.

5 Lives also recently released a technology demo video showing off the “screen space raytraced reflections” system for the Unity engine that Satellite Reign will use. It promises amazing results with a relatively minor performance hit, and it looks great in this tech test; I just hope it doesn’t end up wildly (and blindingly) overused like certain other visual effects that have come along in recent years.

The next step is to get everything processed and then transfer the money to Australia, which the developers said can take a couple of weeks. If you missed the boat but still want to throw some money at these guys, pledge tiers identical to those on Kickstarter are still available at

Source: Kickstarter

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