Syndicate Remake Gets a “Triple Confirmation”


Superannunation has dug up what it calls a “triple confirmation” that Project Redlime, the mysterious title in development at Starbreeze Studios, is in fact a remake of the hit Bullfrog game Syndicate.

It’s not quite the same as an official press release, no, but the new information uncovered by Superannuation certainly goes a long way toward eliminating denial as an option. Its “triple confirmation” is actually three filings with the United States Copyright Office involving Starbreeze, EA and other parties, and something called “Syndicate”: A license agreement, a copyright mortgage and assignment, and a “sidecar short form assignment and assumption agreement,” whatever that is.

Rumors that Starbreeze, best known for developing the Riddick games, is working on a Syndicate remake have been swirling since October 2008 and the evidence has continued to mount: In March 2009, GamesIndustry claimed that unnamed sources had “confirmed” the game, while a piece of script allegedly from the game turned up in November and character sketches by artist Ross Dearsley for something called “Syndicate” bubbled to the surface in February 2010.

Someday, EA and Starbreeze will drop an official word about this and on that day, we’ll throw our thumbs up, smile big and say, “Confirmed!” Until then, we’ll have to comfort ourselves with the knowledge that if it doesn’t happen, it’ll mean we’ve been caught up in the most amazing campaign of misdirection the industry has ever seen, which would indicate that EA has something even more awesome that it’s desperate to keep under wraps. More awesome than Syndicate? The mind boggles.

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