NCsoft has announced that Tabula Rasa, the latest design effort from gaming legend Richard Garriott, is now live.

The game, featuring fast-paced combat in an engrossing science-fiction setting, will bring new innovations to the MMOG field, including allowing players to move between classes without having to create new characters and fluid, dynamic battlefields that will give players the feeling of being caught up in a truly epic ongoing war.

“Now the fun begins!” said Garriott, Executive Producer on Tabula Rasa and better known in the game as General British. “I can’t wait to join thousands of other players in this exciting galactic war. It is time for us to release Tabula Rasa to the players. I am eager to see player reaction to the game, and am ready to build on what we’ve started here. We’ve got plans for new features and expansions for the foreseeable future and I’m hoping the players will enjoy the game and get excited about what’s in store for them next!”

Robert Garriott, CEO of NCsoft’s North American arm, added, “We are all very excited about the addition of Tabula Rasa to our catalog of games. One of NCsoft’s goals is to provide different types of online gaming products – both within the “proven” fantasy genre and outside the genre, as well. This game is truly unique; we hope that Tabula Rasa’s science fiction background and military combat action proves to be enjoyable to many types of gamers.”

Tabula Rasa is available in both standard and Limited Collector’s editions, and include the first month of online play, after which the game will cost $14.95 per month.

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