Take a Disneyland Ride With This Left 4 Dead Map


A new fan-made map for Left 4 Dead 2 combines Indiana Jones, Disneyland, and zombies. Spoiler alert: It’s pretty epic.

By and large, fan mods and custom maps are a mixed bag when it comes to quality. Every now and then, though, something comes along that just amazes. Submitted for your approval, I give you “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Zombies,” a map that faithfully recreates Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye from Disneyland. The “free ride” bonus mode is a zombie-free trip through the map, as seen in this video.

This is the second time an awesome Disney-themed map has popped up for Left 4 Dead 2. The first time something like this was created, it was with a map based on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I worked at Disneyland for a couple of years, and went on the Indiana Jones attraction more times than I should probably admit. While the line queue isn’t entirely the same as the real thing (though a number of details are right), the map with the actual ride is surprisingly accurate, right down to the giant snake that lunges for the car about halfway through.

If someone wants to continue the tradition of adapting Disney rides for Left 4 Dead 2, I’m sure fans would love to play through an undead-filled version of The Haunted Mansion (without Eddie Murphy).

Source: L4D Maps via io9

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