Take a Murdering Tour Through Assassin’s Creed III‘s Boston

From Red Sox to Redcoats. (Who get stabbed.)

The makers of Assassin’s Creed III have long talked up how protagonist Connor’s adventures would take him out into the Frontier – the undeveloped parts of colonial-era America – but the series isn’t abandoning its traditional bustling cities and rooftop free-running. In this 6-minute video from San Diego Comic-Con, AC3 creative director Alex Hutchinson takes Connor on a killing spree through Boston, circa 1775.

The standard running-jumping-climbing-(trees)-killing gameplay that fans of the series have come to know and love is all there, though this video does a good job at showing some of the new features. Connor can hide in thick bushes inside the city itself, swing from monkey bars, and even run through the interiors of buildings to escape pursuit. He also has some new gadgets, like a bow and arrow and a nasty looking rope dart, which he uses to string an unlucky British soldier up to distract his comrades.

The video also demonstrates some of the new combat options. Connor’s default fighting style has him dual-wielding tomahawks, and he proves himself absolutely vicious in a fight. As with other games, he’s capable of picking up weapons from downed foes – and while I’m not going to spoil it, there’s something he does with a musket that made me actually exclaim out loud.

We called the death of five Bostonians at the hands of the British a massacre, but this is an absolute slaughter.

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