Wonder Woman is returning to television in a shiny new spandex costume.

The new Wonder Woman television show coming to NBC first sounded somewhat serious, and was later revealed as anything but. Described as a “slightly goofy comedy-drama … packed with Girl Power pop-songs,” our first look at Adrianne Palicki in her Wonder Woman costume seems to echo the lighthearted tone.

Palicki’s costume is similar to the way Wonder Woman looks in comic books, but she wears bright, solid blue pants and blue boots with gold trim. Instead of the sometimes-used golden “W”s adorning Wonder Woman‘s chest, the television show’s costume designers went with a golden bird. Palicki also has a golden lasso on her hip (which is looking pretty weak), a golden headband, and silver wristbands for deflecting bullets.

It’s tough to judge whether it works or not because the only available shot of Palicki isn’t in context of the show. The costume doesn’t look like it’d be very effective in a fight against thugs wielding spiked bats though. Then again, it’s a pretty traditional Wonder Woman look and she’s done just fine for herself over the 7 decades since she first appeared in the 1940s. I definitely don’t think you can give a yay or a nay to a television show by a single costume shot, so we should probably wait until the pilot is released to make a decision.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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