Check out the new trailer for Battlefield 3’s Co-op mode.

If you happen to suck at the first person shooters, or worse, if you happen be saddled with a friend who can’t be relied upon to remember which end of the gun the bullets come out of, then your choices are kind of limited when it comes to the Battlefield series. You can try full blown multiplayer mode and watch your friendship slowly crumble under the weight of incompetence, or you can play together against bots, which, as anyone who’s tried playing a Battlefield game with a load of bots will agree, is kind of like watching a Benny Hill sketch without the exciting music.

At E3, Dice announced that Battlefield 3 would present players with another option, a separate, more-traditional two-player co-op campaign. At Gamescom we got to see Karl Magnus Troedsson, General Manager of DICE and Patrick Soderlund, senior vice president of EA, play through a co-op mission on the PS3. Or try to, it seems like Troedsson might just be the kind of person I described in the first sentence there.


Before being ventilated by an enemy marksman, Troedsson also reveled that Battlefield 3 would see the much awaited return of player controlled jets, allowing players to once again act out theirTop Gun fantasies,the ones that feature dogfights rather than volleyball tournaments obviously. Talking about the game’s social features he added, “Battlefield has always been a social experience, but Battlefield 3 takes this experience to a whole new level and Battlefield 3 extends the in game experience to be available anywhere, whether on your PC, console or mobile devices. Battleblog will keep you informed of every update from your friends, all in real time,” he said.

He also added, “Battlefield 3 is the best, modern warfare experience game this year.” While it’s technically true that Battlefield 3 is a game about warfare set in the modern age and therefore features “modern warfare,” I can’t help but feel that his choice of words means something in particular. What could that be?

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