A typical day here sees 8 to 10 high-pressure combat situations.

A typical day here sees 8 to 10 high-pressure combat situations.

The subject of this week’s quiz is videogame melee weapons, and given that you may be facing these weapons head-on in a high-pressure combat situation (see image for reference), we here at The Escapist thought that we could best serve the community at large by administering a visual, rather than textual, test. By completing our quiz you will find you have the confidence and ability to successfully identify any and all close-quarters weapon(s) you may be brutalized/maimed/killed with – and really, is there any greater gift than that special sense of immediately-premortem smugness? We’d like to think not.

To ease the identification process, our crack team of artists* have been working around the clock to provide you with a clear, easy, and efficient method of determining which weapon to identify at any given time, and in a testament to modern technology, the system is integrated directly into each image. We think you’ll find it quite groundbreaking.

As always, you’ll have as long as you like to take the quiz, and can retake it until you get that 100%, but your cumulative time will affect your position on the leaderboard and your value to the esteemed field of videogame weapon recognition and analysis (VWR&A).

(Take the quiz.)

*one non-artist intern

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