Paradox Interactive has announced the release of an English-language demo of its upcoming epic space combat sim Tarr Chronicles.

In Tarr Chronicles, the remains of a once-great human civilization are fleeing to the edge of the galaxy to avoid total annihilation at the hands of the relentless De’Khette. The player will lead an elite squad of pilots aboard the massive battlecruiser Talestra in arcade-style space combat action across nine unique missions strung together across an epic tale of survival. The game will feature an advanced ship modification system with over 100 upgrades, as well as 60 different ships and unique locations for every mission, ranging from planetary orbits to gigantic starships.

Developed by Quazar Studio, Tarr Chronicles is scheduled to ship on September 28 and will be available for download via Gamersgate on the same date for $29.99. More information is available at Paradox Interactive, and the demo can be downloaded from Gamershell or FileFront.

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