Teacher Cancels Class Because of Portal 2 Launch


So many students called in “sick” to school today that a teacher was forced to cancel class thanks to Portal.

Don’t lie – you’ve called in sick to school (or to work) because a game came out that you really wanted to play, haven’t you? Whether you’ve come down with Halotosis, Diabluenza or Falloutitis, it’s always the same: “Hey boss, I’m – cough – really sick, I – hack – won’t be in today. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

But little do we know that our teachers (or employers) are usually on to our games. Case in point the text you see here to the right: When enough students just happened to call in sick to this teacher’s class that just happened to fall on the release date of the highly-anticipated Portal 2, he (she?) was able to put two and two together.

The bad news is that said teacher knows that people were calling in sick for Portal 2. The good news is that the teacher decided to cancel class because of it, presumably so that he could go play Portal 2. The average news is that there’s a makeup lecture to compensate for missing this class period, but hey, at least it doesn’t fall on the release of Portal 2.


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