Team Fortress 2 “Crits” Explained


Over on the Team Fortress 2 blog, Greg Cherlin explains how the new critical hit system makes your enemies cry some more.

The new patch, available on Tuesday, adds a lot of new user-requested features to the game including a new damage system for critical hits.

Statistician’s Warning: Some of the numbers get complicated, so there’s a brief outline at the end.

The critical system starts off by giving weapons a small chance to cause criticals: 15% for melee, 2% otherwise; then you add on a bonus compared to how much damage you’ve already done in the last 20 seconds, up to a 10% bonus. Which is what makes the Backburner so toasty.

A few modifiers then come in. Rapid fire weapons like Natascha trigger once per second instead of once per shot like normal weapons. Specialized weapons like the Spy’s backstab or the Sniper rifle only get criticals on specific areas, and don’t roll their chance at all.

The patch itself was designed to lower the amount of criticals, but make them more skill based. What happens now is that the base chance is dropped to 2% from 5% (If you’re questioning this, so am I?), but the bonus builds faster(800 damage is max rather than 1600), albeit to a lower level.(10% bonus rather than 15%)

So, assuming I’m a Pyro under the old system, I’d have to burn through three or more enemies (550 damage) to double my chance of shotgun criticals. And the defending soldier is launching 5%(?) critical rockets all the time.

In the new system, I only have to incinerate a single Demoman (175 damage), switch to my shotgun and double chance criticals are coming my way. With the defending soldier only having a 2% chance to “crit” me.

Whilst this won’t stop the “‘nade spam”, it makes those who can stay alive longer far more dangerous in a firefight.

Good news for the poor Medic hiding behind the Heavy. “Ha ha! Oktoberfest!”

Source: Blues News

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