Team Meat mends fences with Microsoft in advance of a big update and Super Meat Boy sale on Xbox Live.

Remember back when Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen said of Microsoft, “I don’t think we’ll ever work with them again?” That was back in September, when the Super Meat Boy developer was still chapped over the shabby treatment of its hit game on the Xbox Live Arcade. But now it’s October and that apparently means that everybody’s friends again and it’s hugs all around.

Super Meat Boy will get a sale on XBLA next month! (so save your points),” McMillen revealed on Team Meat Blog. “We don’t have a set date yet, but we have been talking to MS, patched things up and are going to be putting SMB on sale on XBLA next month along with a free update that will add tons of new levels to ‘Teh Internets.’ Its a new year and we are putting the past behind us and all agreeing to do what is best for SMB and the fans.”

The “doing what’s best for SMB” line sounds rather like a couple of parents in a contentious divorce who have agreed not to squabble in front of the kids, but with Super Meat Boy an indisputable success, Microsoft has a bit more of an incentive to give it the push that was promised the first time around, which could prove to be very lucrative for the Team Meat guys. Everybody wins, in other words – except those of us who get a cheap kick out of silly internet drama.

Team Meat is also holding a “party” throughout all of November to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Super Meat Boy launch on XBLA, with contests, more updates, sales, videos, giveaways and “probably a ton of other random shit that we come up with as the month goes by.”

via: IndustryGamers

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