Tekken 6 Bundle to Feature an Xbox 360 First

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The aptly named Tekken 6 wireless fighting stick bundle will include, obviously, a wireless fighting stick, an Xbox 360 first.

While gamers may be quick to dismiss this info as only interesting to frame counting fighting game fanatics, this is a rare example of a 3rd party Xbox 360 peripheral featuring wireless compatibility. Microsoft is notoriously protective about its wireless technology which is why virtually all 3rd party peripherals for the system are wired. The fighting stick would be the first and only retail wireless fighting stick available for the 360. It’s unclear whether the stick is using official Microsoft wireless tech or if Hori has found some sort of work-around.

The stick appears to be a re-skin of the existing Hori Fighting Stick FS3 model, the same one that was used for the PS3 Soul Calibur IV stick. Hori has been one of the few companies to consistently offer good quality arcade sticks for sale in America. Given the relative shortage of available sticks and resulting price gouging after the Street Fighter IV boom, gamers still looking for a stick should be in luck with this bundle. A faint interest in Tekken 6 would certainly sweeten the deal.

The Tekken 6 bundle includes the game, the stick and what appears to be an art book of some kind. Gamestop has the bundle listed at a price of $149.99 with a release date scheduled for October 27th of this year. The bundle is also available for the PS3, though wireless compatibility with an arcade stick is nothing new for PS3 owners.

Source: Gizmodo.com

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