Telltale: Playing Walking Dead As Clem Will Make Things Harder


Clementine used to be the reason Lee did good things; now she’s the one making decisions.

“A lot of times, people made good decisions with Clementine around, based on wanting to show her this is how the world is,” says Telltale’s Dennis Lenart. But now she’s you, which means there isn’t a person between her and the harshness of the world. It’ll make things just that much harder, thinks Lenart, as The Walking Dead starts putting the pressure on, making you feel like the world’s always against you, all the time. Bad enough when Lee had to divide not enough food between too many people; how will Clem handle the tough problems?

It probably helps that Clementine’s voiced by BAFTA award winner Melissa Hutchinson. Lenart finds it difficult to be in the same room when she’s recording Clementine’s lines, he feels so protective of her when she’s speaking. It’s Clementine, he thinks; I ought to save her.

“Then you look over and it’s Melissa sitting there with headphones,” he says. “‘Oh, yeah, everything’s fine.'”

Except maybe it isn’t fine, at least not for Clementine. It’s not like she has special powers, extraordinary strength, or even a little extra height or weight. She’s not even a teenager yet; how will she cope? It does mean, Lenart points out, that the action scenes had to be approached differently. Lee could stride out into the forest with an axe, but Clementine can’t.

“She’s got to use her environment,” says Lenart. “She’s got to use everything she has to her advantage.” She’s got to survive, in a world where the odds are heavily stacked against her. And in just a few days, you’ll find out how she’ll do it.

Source: PC Gamer

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